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We pride ourselves on delivering quality Osteopathic care.

We’ve been practicing Osteopathy for over 20 years, so have seen a massive range of presenting complaints.

Our mission is to help you move better, and remove your pain, and keep it away.

You’ll find that we are some of the most qualified Osteopaths Geelong has to offer, and we’re continually improving. Whether you require simple headache treatment or are looking for another opinion, we most certainly can help.


Osteopathic Clinics Located In Newtown & Geelong West

Located West Fyans Street, Newtown, you’ll find our clinic facilities within 114 West Fyans Street second to none in Geelong. Clean, friendly & spacious surroundings make your experience one that is professional, and easy.

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Our Osteopaths

Celeste Blake
Jackie Kovacev
David Birley
Cailin Mellberg

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