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Osteopathic Clinics Located In Newtown & Geelong West

Located West Fyans Street, Newtown, you’ll find our clinic facilities within 114 West Fyans Street second to none in Geelong. Clean, friendly & spacious surroundings make your experience one that is professional, and easy.

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Celeste Blake
Jackie Kovacev
David Birley
Cailin Mellberg

Recent Posts

All About Whiplash

What is Whiplash? Whiplash is an injury to the neck where the soft tissue structures (muscles, tendons and ligaments) become overstretched and strained. This is generally the result of sudden trauma to the neck and head that results in it being pushed outside its normal range. You may also feel unwell or ‘foggy’ as concussion […]

Geelong Paper Mills Walk

Where will you walk this weekend? Dave the Osteo’s favourite Geelong track to walk is along the North West side of the Barwon River, from Fyansford past the Paper Mills and Baum’s Weir. This is a hidden Geelong gem, with views of Buckley’s falls, the Barwon River, the rolling hills of Ceres and the peaceful […]

Can Headaches Be Caused By Your Neck?

YES! Headaches are really OFTEN caused by your neck… and they’re called: Cervicogenic Headaches  What is a Cevicogenic Headache? A cervicogenic headache is a headache that arises due to irritation of the top three neck joints. The irritation to these joints may occur from any injury to the bones, discs, ligaments or muscles in the […]