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You’ll find that we are some of the most qualified Osteopaths Geelong has to offer, and we’re continually improving. Whether you require simple headache treatment or are looking for another opinion, we most certainly can help.


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Welcoming Allison Smith To Our Team

Join us in welcoming the experienced Osteopath Dr. Allison Smith. Originally from Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Allison completed her training from RMIT University, Melbourne in 2014.   Whether a treatment is for an injury or prevention, Allison believes in inspiring the client to be an active part of their own recovery. In order to provide […]

Farewell Celeste!

Unfortunately, Celeste has finished up working at The Osteopaths, her last treating day was Friday 13th November. Celeste began working at The Osteopaths Geelong in 2018, and over this time she has shown great care for her clients, developing her own following.  Celeste’s dedication to her clients was particularly shown during the now infamous 2020 when Celeste worked continuously […]

The Different Types of Dry Needling

What is a dry needle? A “dry” needle is called such, because it doesn’t have a hole/tube inside it to carry e.g. Blood or any other fluid. It’s just that. It’s a “Dry” (not wet) needle. What is “dry needling”? It’s when you use a dry needle, and insert it into a muscle for a […]