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Your Diaphragm Isn’t Just For Breathing

Sure, the diaphragm is a “breathing” muscle. But did you know that tension in your diaphragm tells us all sorts of things about how you breathe (yep – we look!) and how you breathe *might* be an indicator of stress you’re holding of some kind. When you present for treatment at The Osteopaths we will […]

Good Practitioners Don’t Chase Pain.

The practitioner who is chasing pain is LOST. You’ve got pain. Perhaps it’s your lower back. Perhaps it’s in your shoulder. You go see someone, and the ONLY thing they look at is the “sore spot”. Sure they’ve “chased your pain”… and to you the patient, it might seem like they know what they’re doing, […]

The Different Types of Dry Needling

What is a dry needle? A “dry” needle is called such, because it doesn’t have a hole/tube inside it to carry e.g. Blood or any other fluid. It’s just that. It’s a “Dry” (not wet) needle. What is “dry needling”? It’s when you use a dry needle, and insert it into a muscle for a […]