Need an Osteopath in Geelong?

We pride ourselves on delivering quality Osteopathic care.

We’ve been practicing Osteopathy for over 20 years, so have seen a massive range of presenting complaints.

Our mission is to help you move better, and remove your pain, and keep it away.

You’ll find that we are some of the most qualified Osteopaths Geelong has to offer, and we’re continually improving. Whether you require simple headache treatment or are looking for another opinion, we most certainly can help.


Geelong Osteopathic Clinics – Both Offline and Online

We’d love to see you in person. We have stringent cleaning and hygiene practices. However – we can see you online, anywhere!

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Our Osteopaths

Celeste Blake
Jackie Kovacev
David Birley
Cailin Mellberg

Recent Posts

We’re Back!

First of all, we just wanted to say THANK YOU for your patience. It’s been an unusual time not seeing clients face to face, and we’ve missed you all! It’s been a tough time for everyone in many different ways. We truly hope that you and your family are safe and coping with this unique […]

What Can A Video Consultation Do For You?

One of the major skills we have is to “see” and “listen” to the problem that you’re having, and using experience, give you the best course of action. This can be done regardless of being in our clinic room. Online rehab programs are backed by research that shows it being as effective as an in […]

Why We’ve Transitioned To Video Consultations Only At This Time

According to the government, practitioners in our industry are “exempt” from the social distancing laws. But I can tell you now, a VIRUS doesn’t know your practitioner is exempt. Clinics like ours are “allowed” to stay open for hands on treatment, as we fall under the category of healthcare. But There’s a Problem. We, just […]