Why We Don’t Give Exercise Programs Out For Free

I’m going to say this upfront.


Really lazy.

When you go to a therapist, and they write out a basic “stick figure” program for you on the spot, they’re wasting their time.

Why? Because 99.5% of people literally DO NOT do them (see lazy headline above).

Why should we spend our time (often after hours), creating a program for someone when they don’t do it?

It’s absolutely a WASTE OF OUR TIME.

It’s actually quite frustrating for us as therapists – because these exercises are designed to try and HELP YOU get moving better/faster etc.

We use a program called “PhysiTracks” which allows us to create a custom program (with video) that you can then follow on your device or computer – or print out.

This service is not free for us to use – but I don’t really care about that too much.

What I really care about is people actually DOING what we’re requesting them to do.

Creating your program doesn’t take 12 seconds. It’s not done in 3 minutes. It’s not a LAME stick figure drawing on a piece of paper like other places give you.

It requires thought. It requires time.

So here’s what we do.

We charge you a small fee to create your program.

Why do we charge you to create a program?

Here’s why:

You’re almost 100% certain to actually use it.

Simple huh?

When you have a vested interest in actually doing exercises/mobility work, you’ll simply get better results EVERY SINGLE TIME.

But here’s another reason:

If you’re using the program, you’ll need to have us CHECK it for you to make sure you’re going ok with it.

We can adjust your program anytime, to make it harder or easier.

But there’s another trick… We can see if you’re using it or not!!!

Why is this important?

Well, I’ve lost count how many hours/days I’ve spent emailing programs to people in my spare time, for them NEVER to do the program. I’ve checked. Tracked. Asked. Questioned.

It’s quite literally the biggest waste of my time (Have I said this before?).

If you use the program, you’ll get better results. Period.

And – at the end of the day – all we REALLY want is for you to actually DO the program – because we’re all about helping you as much as we can to get you as good as we can.

So there you go… That’s why our exercise programs are not free…

…But they are AWESOME.